What Are Some Good Wood Fence Door Options?


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Good wood fence door options include those made of cedar with latticework or decorated faux glass at the top. Some have panel inserts or inserts made of wrought iron. Cedar wood is often used for fence doors because it bears up well under weather.

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Other doors have ornamental hardware, often made of iron. Sometimes the bottom half of a fence door is separated from the top for decorative effect. Hardware such as strap hinges can also be made of iron.

Fence doors can also be made from reclaimed wood with, for instance, several planks bolted together by metal straps. Decorative choices such as a barrel bolt and a handle made from an old horseshoe give this type of door visual interest. A sturdy interior door can also be repurposed as a door for a garden fence with glass windows taken out of the door before it is moved to the garden.

A fence that is not made out of wood can still support a wooden garden door. A living fence made of shrubbery looks appealing when attached to a white-painted arched door with a latticework design. Wooden fence doors can be painted to contrast with the colors around them or to echo the colors of the pavement or another element in the garden.

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