What Are Some Good Window Cleaners?


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Some good glass cleaners include Weiman Professional No Drip Streak Free, Windex Original with Ammonia D and WalMart's Streak Free with Ammonia. Of the three Weiman Professional does the best job on very dirty glass. It also leaves a layer of wax on the glass, which helps to keep it clean until the next cleaning. However, this product and Windex Original have the potential to stain paint surrounding the glass.

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All three of these good cleaners contain ammonia, which some users find has an offensive odor. Ammonia also irritates the sinuses. However, the all-natural spray cleaners such as Method and Seventh Generation that do not include ammonia are generally less effective at cleaning windows.

Homeowners wanting an effective method of cleaning glass without the use of ammonia also have the option of using the professional approach of using a bucket of water with a small amount of dishwashing liquid. They should apply the solution with a professional window cleaning applicator, available at janitorial supply stores, and wipe the glass with a squeegee. At the end of each S-patterned stroke, the user lifts the squeegee from the glass and wipes it dry with a lint-free towel, preventing drips. To finish the cleaning process he uses a chamois to remove any remaining soap and dry the glass without leaving streaks.

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