What Are Some Good Ways to Use White String Lights?


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There are many ways to decorate with white string lights, from decorating a Christmas tree to wrapping them around a staircase to light the path to a bedroom or porch. They can be used to outline an indoor mirror, and they also look attractive when draped over a shelving unit.

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Some other ideas for decorating with white string lights include wrapping them around a barren tree in the fall when decorating for a party, using them as clothing lines and using clothes pins to place photos next to the lights, or using the string lights on planters to highlight plants in a garden.

Wedding planners sometimes create beautiful bottles with string lights inside as a focal point on dining tables, while others may use string lights on a wreath to light up the holes in doilies or other paper crafts. A common use for string lights is using them as a garland, since the length of the lights makes it possible to wrap them around posts, beams, stair rails or curtain rails.

Some forms of string lights have to be plugged in, and others are solar-powered. Depending on the type being used, there may be limits to where they can be placed.

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