What Are Some Good Ways to Thaw Electric Pipes?


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Some good ways to thaw electric pipes include using a hair dryer, keeping the water running and using a thawing machine. If none of these methods works, a professional plumber may be needed.

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To use a hair dryer to thaw frozen pipes, examine the pipe to locate the point of blockage and position the hair dryer at the point where ice has blocked the pipe. It is safe to use a hair dryer on any metal pipe.

If the pipes are just beginning to freeze, opening the tap and running the water helps thaw the pipes. Running water, either cold or hot, creates friction against the surface of the ice, raising the temperature and melting the ice.

In a region with very cold winters, a thawing machine may be necessary to thaw pipes. A thawing machine is a good option for metal pipes but cannot work for plastic pipes.

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