What Are Some Good Ways to Get Rid of Snakes?

Good ways to get rid of snakes include using snake repellents, setting up snake traps and constructing a snake wall. Other ways to get rid of snakes include modification of the habitat, physical removal of the snake and leading the snake out.

Snake repellents keep snakes away from a home due to chemical odors snakes naturally avoid. Effective snake repellents contain fox urine as it deters snake invasion. Some people soak rags and human hair in ammonia and use it as a snake repellent due to its choking smell.

Snake glue-board traps are effective in capturing snakes in areas they most frequent. The traps don’t use lures or bait to attract the snake. Indoor places, such as the garage and inside the house, are the best locations to use traps. Using them outdoors can inhumanely trap other small animals.

Modifying a property to make it less attractive to snakes deters them from making it their habitat. Some effective changes include clearing debris, filling any gaps under rocks and concrete, trimming back plants and bushes, sealing all small openings under the doors and cutting down standing vegetation. People also cover up any rodent burrows, invest in rodent control and construct a snake fence around the garden or the house to keep the snakes away.