What Are Some Good Ways to Get Rid of House Flies?

Getting rid of house flies involves finding and destroying their breeding sites and using insecticides to kill all adult flies. Uncovered food sources, feces and trash cans are common breeding sites for house flies.

Removing potential breeding sites is the first and most important step to getting rid of house flies. This isolates the egg-laying adult and prevents more flies from invading the home. Flies are drawn to rotting food and organic material such as a bowl of pet food or an uncovered garbage or recycling bin. Remove all potential fly breeding sites such as overripe fruit or compost. Seal garbage cans tightly, and clean them regularly to ensure that no flies lay eggs there.

Several types of insecticides can be used to kill the remaining adult flies. Spray insecticides are used on surfaces that flies commonly land on. The spray leaves a residue that kills the flies on contact. Insecticide dusts are used for cracks and gaps in walls. The fastest insecticide is an aerosol spray that quickly reduces fly populations but does not leave any residue.

Indoor and outdoor fly traps work as well. Electronic light traps are used to get rid of indoor flies and are often seen in restaurants. Fly glue traps, fly ribbon catchers and fly window traps are other popular methods for getting rid of flies.