What Are Some Good Ways to Repurpose Old Doors?

What Are Some Good Ways to Repurpose Old Doors?

Options for repurposing an old door include room dividers, tables, a sofa, an oversized picture frame or an entry bench. Painting the door for the project and using sandpaper at the natural wear points helps to give the finished project an antique look.

To make a room divider connect three or more old doors together using hinges. The doors do not have to match and different colors add to the eclectic look. Set the connected doors in a zigzag pattern for a self-supporting privacy screen.

Create an outdoor picnic table using old doors by placing them on painted sawhorses as supports. If overhead support is available, drill holes near the corners of the door and suspend it using ropes.

Cut an old door in half to form the ends of a sofa. Use two other sturdy doors to form the bottom and frame of the sofa. Top the new sofa with pillows for comfortable seating.

Use an old glass panel door as a giant photo gallery. Tape the photos horizontally behind the glass and hang the door on its side.

Create an entry bench by standing an old door upright behind a single drawer cabinet that is the appropriate height for a seat. It makes a convenient bench for putting on or removing shoes and the drawer adds storage for the entryway.