What Are Some Good Ways to Renovate a Brick Wall Fireplace?


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Some good ways to renovate a brick wall fireplace include covering with tiles, painting and adding a wooden mantel. The choice depends on one’s style and budget.

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Tiles offer a number of design possibilities because there are numerous options to choose from, including slate, marble, ceramic and granite. One may place the tiles directly over the brick and use latex-modified thinset cement to adhere the tiles to the bricks.

Painting a brick fireplace allows one to choose a paint that matches the wall color. The key in painting the fireplace is preparation. Beginning with an exterior latex primer is important because it adheres to brick more effectively than interior primers.

One may also add a traditional wooden mantel around the fireplace to upgrade it. Installing a wooden mantel allows one to paint or stain the wood to match the rest of the decor in the house.

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