What Are Good Ways to Remove Carpet?


One good way to remove carpet is to fold the carpet over itself and then cut it into strips. Another way to remove carpet is to simply pull the carpet up from the floor with pliers or by hand.

When folding the carpet into strips, it is best to fold it into 3-foot sections and then cut it. This helps to make the strips more portable. However, if attempting to remove the carpet in a transition area, experts advise that do-it-yourself homeowners stop and leave this part for the installer to avoid damaging the floor or the carpet.

To remove the carpet from stairs, a good way to do it is to start from the top. Metal nosing at the top should be removed before removing the carpet. Homeowners should wear gloves to protect their hands while cutting the edge near the top of the riser and pulling the carpet from the stairs by hand.

Some stairs have short pieces of carpet on them that come up one by one. Other stairs have one long piece that the homeowner must cut off in strips as the carpet comes away. Homeowners must also ensure that all the staples are removed before installing the new carpet.