What Are Some Good Ways to Pump Water From the Basement?

One good method of pumping water from a basement is using a submersible pump. For small water leaks that cause less than 1 inch of flooding, a wet-dry vacuum is an option, although it becomes labor intensive if there are large amounts of water. Installing a drain system and sump pump can help prevent flooding.

If water is still standing in the yard after a flood, it is too early to attempt to pump a basement. More water moves into the space to replace what the homeowner removes in these cases. Once the water recedes in the yard, pumping becomes more effective.

To use an electric sump pump, attach an exhaust hose and a rope to the pump handle. Without entering the water, lower the pump to the basement floor while keeping the electrical connections out of the water. Direct the hose out of the house and start the pump. Stop the pump when it is no longer able to pick up water.

Wet-dry vacuums pull water from the floor into a 3- to 5-gallon bucket contained within the vacuum. Each time the container fills, carry it to a drain or upstairs to empty it. This method is only effective for very small leaks.