What Are Some Good Ways to Kill Dandelion Weeds?

Some good ways to kill dandelion weeds include allowing lawns to thrive, pulling the plants at the roots and pouring salt or vinegar on new growth. Applying a weed-and-feed product to the lawn can also help get rid of dandelions while encouraging grass and other plants to grow.

One of the best ways to get rid of dandelions from lawns is to give them less space to grow. Allowing lawns to thrive crowds out dandelions and other weeds. To encourage lawn growth, water less regularly and deeply. Fertilize the grass regularly and mow the lawn slightly higher so that there is enough leaf left over to nourish the plant.

Pulling weeds is a very effective way to remove them for good. Pull dandelion plants out at the roots, as any remaining roots can cause the plant to grow back. Ideally, pull out plants while they are young so that they do not grow stubborn taproots or spread seeds around the yard. Young dandelion leaves also make tasty salad greens, so gardeners can make the most out of their weeding efforts.

Gardeners who do not want to use chemicals in the garden can try organic weed killers such as salt, vinegar or boiling water. These substances can also kill grass and other plants, so it is important to pour any natural weed killers directly on the dandelion plants and avoid neighboring plants.

If there are too many dandelion plants to deal with through hand weeding, a weed-and-feed product can be a good solution. These products fertilize lawns and simultaneously kill weeds such as dandelions.