What Are Some Good Ways to Kill Bees in the Ground?

Pouring a solution of soap and water over ground bees' nests is one way to kill them in the ground. Boric acid sprinkled at the entrance of a ground bees nest can cause the natural toxin to spread into the nest and kill the bee population.

There are a few ways to remove ground bees without killing them. Watering the ground with an inch of water every week prompts the bees to relocate to a dry area. A thick layer of mulch discourages bees from building the nest. These bees are docile in nature and don't form colonies, but the bees may build nests close to each other.

Bees have an important role because they are pollinators. Ground bees are not aggressive and rarely sting, but concern about a family member who is allergic to a bee's venom may prompt the homeowner to remove the bees. Families can continue normal outdoor activity with a nearby ground bees nest without consequences or the fear of being stung. Ground bees only nest in the spring, so they don't remain in the area for very long. Once the bees have left the yard, digging up the nest and removing it permanently prevents the bees from returning and nesting the following year.