What Are Some Good Ways to Eliminate Weeds and Grass?


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Most weeds and grass die when a herbicide is applied or when key elements of growth are denied to the plant. Before implementing any method, it is important to know what type of substances are toxic to the specific offending vegetation and to consider how the surrounding soil is used.

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Some chemical additives can be caustic to the ground and any future growing plans. Herbicides such as bleach, salt and manufactured herbicides kill certain weeds but can also prevent or inhibit growth in desired plantings. These methods, along with hand-pulling, are best used in the removal of specific weeds. One homemade spot herbicide involves combining boiling water, salt and vinegar, then pouring or spraying it over grass or weeds.

Reader's Digest recommends targeting a persistent weed in a flower bed by placing a plastic bottle, with the bottom removed, over the plant, then applying the herbicide. By putting a heavy vinyl sheet over a large area for an extended period of time, one can eliminate larger patches of grass or weeks without the use of chemicals. The covering blocks out sunlight, a needed ingredient in healthy plant growth.

Gardeners eliminate many types of weeds by bolstering the health and quantity of the desired vegetation in an area. By crowding out unwanted vegetation with the aid of fertilizer and propagation, one is able to effectively control the spread of certain grasses or weeds.

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