What Are Some Good Ways to Dispose of Old Furniture?

What Are Some Good Ways to Dispose of Old Furniture?

Some good ways of getting rid of old furniture include selling, donating, hiring a junk removal service and refurbishing. Each of these methods depends on the condition the furniture is in and how much one is willing to spend.

If the old furniture is still in good condition, selling it can generate some profit. The furniture may be sold online through social media sites and local classifieds. Selling to friends and relatives by word of mouth or at a garage sale is another option that helps save on transportation and advertising costs.

Donating to nonprofit organizations such as Goodwill and Salvation Army is a charitable way to dispose off used furniture. Donations can also be made to community centers such as theaters and schools. It is important to note that the furniture has to be moved to the drop-off point, so transportation costs may be incurred.

Hiring a junk removal service is an efficient way to get rid of old furniture. These companies expedite the process, saving time and energy spent on loading and moving the furniture.

Old furniture can also be refurbished or restored. Although this costs cost time and money, it helps save on new furniture costs. Alternatively, old furniture can be re-purposed to serve another useful role.