What Are Some Good Ways to Clean a TV Screen?


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For older televisions with a tube, glass cleaner works well to clean the screen, but for newer flat screen televisions, a soft, dry cloth is a good way to start, according to About.com. If that doesn’t get the screen clean enough, water is the next step before trying stronger cleaners.

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What Are Some Good Ways to Clean a TV Screen?
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An older television with a picture tube is easily cleaned with paper towels and standard glass cleaner. However, these are too harsh for modern flat-screen televisions. LCD and plasma televisions are sensitive to certain chemicals, and the screens are easily scratched or damaged. To clean these televisions, a soft, dry cloth, such as a microfiber cloth used to clean eyeglasses, is the best way to clean the screen. Paper-based cloths, such as paper towels and tissue paper, can often scratch the screen.

If the dry cloth does not get the screen clean enough, the next method to try is water. Water sprayed on the cloth rather than directly on the screen has less chance of causing damage to the television. A half-and-half solution of water and white vinegar adds more cleaning power if water alone is insufficient, but ammonia-based cleaners, such as standard glass cleaners, can permanently damage the screen.

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