What Are Some Good Ways to Clean a Pool?


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Good ways to clean a swimming pool include skimming debris off the surface, cleaning out strainer baskets, scrubbing the walls and accessories, and vacuuming the bottom. Essential equipment includes a leaf skimmer, brushes and a pool vacuum.

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Skimming for leaves, insects and other debris should be done daily. Catching such particles before they sink to the bottom and decompose helps the pool circulation system work more efficiently and decreases the amount of chlorine needed to keep the pool hygienic. Some of the debris not caught by skimming go into strainer baskets on the side of the pool or in the pool deck, and these should be emptied at least once a week to facilitate water circulation. Brushing the walls, steps and ladders removes algae, calcium and other deposits. For plaster walls, a stiff brush can be used, but to avoid damaging fiberglass or vinyl walls, a soft brush is necessary.

Manual pool vacuums should be attached to telescopic poles, and all air should be removed from the hose before the pump is turned on. Pools should be vacuumed back and forth across the bottom, beginning at the shallow end and gradually working towards the deep end. Once the pool cleaning process is finished, cleaning materials should be rinsed in fresh water and stored in the shade, as pool chemicals and direct sunlight can damage them.

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