What Are Some Good Ways to Clean a Marble Table?

Good ways to clean a marble table include dusting it with a soft cloth, washing it with a cloth and warm water, and applying a marble polish or sealant to the table. Treat stained marbled using special marble poultices, which can be purchased at local hardware stores.

Marble is generally softer and more porous than other types of stone, which makes it easier to scratch and stain. Clean the stone regularly, as dust and dirt particles can eventually damage it if left unattended. Begin by wiping the surface of the marble with a soft cloth.

Next, use hot water to dampen another cloth, and use it to wash the marble. If the stone is exceptionally dirty, use a mild dish detergent or specially formulated stone cleaner, such as Stone Plus Cleaner. Wipe away the excess soap or cleaner with separate clean and dampened cloth.

Clean spills from the marble immediately to avoid them seeping and setting into the stone. It is best to gently blot a spill using a soft cloth rather than trying to rub it away, as rubbing can force the liquid into the stone. A good preventative measure to keep spills from staining the marble is to seal the stone with a deep penetrating stone sealant product such as Stone Care & SenGuard Sealers.