What Are Some Good Ways to Clean Lacquered Furniture?

What Are Some Good Ways to Clean Lacquered Furniture?

To clean lacquered furniture, damp a cloth in warm water and mild soap. Wring the cloth well. Wipe the furniture gently in a single direction, and then use a soft dry cloth to remove excess water. Dust the furniture regularly to maintain a clean appearance. Replace water with orange or lemon oil if the lacquer finish is less than six months old. A mixture of mild soap and vinegar is also a good cleaning alternative for lacquered furniture.

Never use cleaners containing bleach or ammonia, as regular cleaners such as these remove lacquer from furniture. Instead, use a mixture of 1/2 gallon of warm water and 1 teaspoon of soap. Make sure the cloths that are used to clean and dry the furniture contain no particles that could scratch the surface. Simply wiping off dust may also scratch the surface, as dust build-up contains hard particles that damage the lacquer finish. Use a clean feather duster or a lint-free soft cloth to gently dust lacquered furniture.

Water damages lacquer finishes by leaving spots that are hard to clean, resulting in the complete removal of the lacquer. Dry out water spills immediately, and protect furniture prone to spills with a tablecloth or a runner. Make sure vases placed on lacquered furniture are stable and don't drip or sweat water.

If preferred, use a mixture of vinegar and mild soap to clean lacquered furniture, but never use vinegar alone. After cleaning, wipe off the furniture with a clean cloth in the direction of the grain to recover the shine of the finish.

Alternatively, use a micro fiber cloth with a few drops of lemon or orange oil. Older lacquered furniture is less resistant to cleaning than new furniture, so make sure the finish is less than six months old when using lemon or orange oil.