What Are Some Good Ways to Clean a Bamboo Floor?


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Sweeping, vacuuming and cleaning with a damp mop are ways to clean a bamboo floor. Water left sitting on the bamboo floor can cause damage, so avoid wet mopping.

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What Are Some Good Ways to Clean a Bamboo Floor?
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Daily sweeping or vacuuming keeps dirt off a bamboo floor to keep it looking clean and to prevent small scratches. A broom with soft bristles works best. A vacuum with a beater bar can cause damage to bamboo flooring.

All spills need to be wiped up immediately so they don't soak in, stain or otherwise damage the bamboo flooring. A clean cloth works well for soaking up spills. For sticky spills, a slightly damp soft cloth is an option. Another clean cloth works well for drying the spot.

Weekly mopping also helps keep the bamboo floor clean. A wet mop or steam floor cleaner puts too much moisture on the bamboo flooring. While more resistant to moisture damage than other hardwood flooring, it is best to limit moisture to prevent warping or other damage.

Barely moistening the mop is enough to remove any dirt or debris that doesn't come up with a broom. Hardwood floor cleaning products are also an option when water alone isn't enough. Homeowners should avoid products containing ammonia, bleach, oil soap, acidic or abrasive materials, and mineral spirits, since they are potentially damaging to bamboo flooring.

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