What Is a Good Way to Remove Odor From Wood?


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Remove odors from wood by mixing 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a pint of white vinegar in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle before each use and wipe the surface with a soft rag. Since odors have many different sources, some require a different approach.

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For a wooden box or chest that has absorbed odors of materials stored inside, empty everything from the chest and fill it with crumpled newspaper. Close the lid and allow the paper to absorb the odor. Other effective odor absorbers include unscented kitty litter and charcoal. When attempting to absorb odors from wood, replace the absorbent material after a week.

Pet urine on wood floors is another source of odors in wood. Most pet stores sell enzymatic cleaners for removing these odors. The cleaners neutralize to odor causing elements in the urine. If a commercial product is not available, try cleaning the area using a rag dipped in ammonia so it is damp but not dripping. Rinse the area with clear water after the ammonia has a chance to remove the odor.

If the attempts at removing the odor are unsuccessful, another approach is to seal the wood. Apply several thin coats of shellac, sanding the wood lightly between the coats. Use polyurethane for wood exposed to water.

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