What Is a Good Way to Prune a Split-Leaf Philodendron?

To prune a split-leaf philodendron, cut through the vine directly below the leaf sets during the growing season. Cut dead or diseased branches off as needed throughout the year. Control the size of the plant by cutting it back by one-third or more, and shape the plant by removing the desired branches. To promote flowering, prune the plant annually. Throw all branches and cuttings into the garbage, rather than composting them, to prevent the branches from rooting.

Avoid cutting the roots, which often protrude above the soil, to ensure the plant remains healthy. If necessary, re-pot the plant as an alternative to pruning the roots. When growing the split-leaf philodendron in small, confined spaces, feed the plant with fertilizer sparingly to reduce its overall size.

Another option to reduce growth, and to reduce the need for pruning, is to place the plant in a location with plenty of sunlight. If desired, wrap new foliage around the main stem of the plant, or prune the new growth as it appears.

Monstera plants root when the leaves or branches touch the soil. Pull new plants out of the soil as needed, and do not allow the branches or foliage to touch the soil surface. Throw the new plants into the garbage, or re-pot them.