What Is a Good Way to Prime and Paint With Home Hardware Paint Colors?

The best way to paint with home hardware paint colors is the same as using any type of paint colors and the best way to do that is by not rushing preparing the surfaces correctly. Prepping the walls can be the thing that makes or breaks a painting project because walls that are badly prepped or not prepped at all will bubble, chalk or even peel and crack.

The first thing to do is to remove everything from the walls that are to be painted. This includes grills, electrical plates or anything else that might be on them. This makes painting easier and means there will be no need to scrape paint off these items as well as no need to tape them off. Cleaning the walls is the next step to be completed. If the walls are dirty then any bumps, dirt or grease on the wall will cause the paint not to adhere as well as possibly peel and crack.

Once the walls are clean, then prime with the home hardware primer just like with any primer. Tinting the primer to match the final color of the walls can help with one coat applications of the final pain color. Make sure to do one wall at a time. Do not try to trim in the entire room before painting the walls. This will cause brush and lap marks in the paint.