What Is a Good Way to Polish Aluminum?


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The best way to polish aluminium is first to wash the piece of aluminium with dish soap and water. Use a clean, soft piece of cloth to scrub away any dirt attached to the aluminum.

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Rinse with clean water, and mix cream of tartar and water until a paste forms. Use a soft piece of cloth to apply the paste to the surface with circular motions. As necessary, use an old toothbrush to clean the angles of the aluminium piece. When done with the application, rinse carefully with water, and dry the aluminium with a soft cloth.

Using a circular motion, apply aluminium polish to the surface with a clean, soft cloth, making sure to apply the polish only to areas that do not come into contact with food. Aluminum polish is unsafe to consume. Also do not apply the polish to areas of pots and pans that come into contact with fire, such as the bottom. After polishing, remove the polish with a soft, clean cloth, and buff the metal.

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