What Is a Good Way to Plant Blueberry Bushes?


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Blueberries grow well when planted in acidic soil with good drainage in a hole deep enough to spread the roots. Multiple bushes need at least 4 feet between them. Early spring is the ideal planting time for blueberry bushes.

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What Is a Good Way to Plant Blueberry Bushes?
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Blueberry bushes grow well in acidic soil with a pH between 4 and 5. A soil test helps determine the current pH. A local extension office can recommend soil amendments if necessary to reach the ideal pH. Blueberries need full sun for most of the day. Some partial shade later in the day is acceptable.

The planting location should be cultivated and prepared ahead of time. Removing the bush from its container and soaking the roots for three to six hours before planting helps prepare it to go into the ground. Any broken roots should be cut off the plant.

An initial hole about twice the size of the root ball gives the gardener plenty of planting space. The blueberry plant should sit in the ground at the same level it was planted in the nursery container. Spreading the roots out carefully helps the plant grow. Compost works well to fill the hole and provide nutrients to the bush.

The roots should be fully covered with soil, but the soil doesn't need to be compacted. Watering the plant right away helps it adjust to being planted in the ground. Fertilizing is best left until about a month after planting.

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