What Is a Good Way to Paint Wood Furniture?


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A good way to paint wood furniture is making sure that the surface of the furniture is relatively clean, even and free of cracks. If the surface has flaws, sand, fill and prime it before applying the fresh coat of paint.

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A deglosser removes any previous paint, and a primer is especially crucial as it creates an even surface for the paint to adhere to. These two steps ensure that the wood absorbs the paint evenly and effectively, therefore allowing for a beautiful and long-lasting paint job.

Satin or semi-glossed oil based paints are the recommended options for wood surfaces. Though they have a longer drying period than water based paints, oil based paints are highly durable and easy to clean. When painting, apply the paint to the surface in the direction of the grain in smooth, long strokes. Paint dries from the surface first then eventually the wood, so make sure that the paint is fully dried before applying top coating.

Do not check for dryness by touching the paint job. This is not a good way to determine dryness as it may feel dry to the touch but still wet underneath. A better way is to always follow the paint manufacturer’s directions for drying times.

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