What Is a Good Way to Do a Kitchen Cabinet Hinge Adjustment?


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To adjust kitchen cabinet hinges that are flush mount hinges, use a piece of cardboard or a matchbook to bend the hinge. If adjusting internal spring hinges, it is necessary to use a screwdriver to add tension to the spring.

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To adjust flush mount hinges, choose the hinge that is at the end where the door closes, and then fold a matchbook cover or piece of cardboard four times. Open the door, place the cardboard just above the hinge and close it. Open the door, remove the cardboard and close the door again. If the door does not close properly, repeat the process until the door closes correctly.

To adjust internal spring hinges, hold the door open, and look for two screws on each hinge. Use a screwdriver to turn each screw a quarter turn in a clockwise direction. This adds tension to the spring. Try closing the door. If it does not close, adjust the screw another quarter turn, and test again. Keep doing this until the door closes and stays closed.

Alternatively, if the door slams shut, there is too much tension. Take the same steps as above; instead, this time turn the screw a quarter turn in a counterclockwise direction, and then test the door. The door should close with a moderate amount of pressure, and then stay closed. It should not bounce off of the cabinet.

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