What Is a Good Way to Find a Housekeeper in Vancouver?

To find a good housekeeper in Vancouver, use home services listing sites like Housekeeper.com and Care.com. These sites make it easy to search for a qualified and trusted housekeeper nearby.

Housekeeper.com lists different types of housekeepers in different areas, including Vancouver and other areas of Canada. Search for the nearest housekeeper by entering a ZIP code or clicking on a location on the left side of the screen. There are also other ways to filter the results, such as choosing from different services like kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, dishes, laundry and polishing. There are also specialized services like refrigerator cleaning, oven cleaning, window cleaning and house sitting. Other selections for filtering the results include finding housekeepers with their own transportation or their own supplies and equipment.

The Care.com website is typically for U.S. services, but they launched a site specifically for Canada at CA.Care.com. This site only lists services for addresses in Canada, including Vancouver. To find a housekeeper, find the Vancouver page, then select the category on the top-left side of the page. Categories include services like housekeeping, house sitting, child care, pet sitting and senior care. There is also a sign-up function that allows more features, such as setting up alerts.