What Is a Good Way to Eliminate Urine Odor From the Air?

Eliminate urine odor from the air by cleaning any urine stains or spills and using an odor neutralizing product on the affected area. Place small, open containers of white vinegar in random places in the affected area. As the vinegar is evaporated, the smell is neutralized. Allow fresh air to circulate in the area.

If the urine stain is fresh, place the baking soda or pet odor neutralizer on the area and leave it to absorb the bacteria overnight. If the stain is old, dampen the area with a small amount of water. Use a vacuum to remove the powder or baking soda in the morning or once the area is dry. If the smell lingers, mix freshly ground cinnamon and cloves with vanilla extract into a small, open container. Place the container in the room and allow the spices to neutralize the odor.

Another option is to clean the affected area with a generous amount of club soda. Once the soda stops bubbling, blot up the area with paper towels. Repeat, as needed. Keep bathrooms clean to prevent human urine odor. Clean stains and spills immediately from flooring, mattresses or fabric to prevent the accident from drying and causing odor problems. Thoroughly wash clothing, pets, children and fabric affected by the accident.