What Is a Good Way to Clean Mold Off of Fabric?


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One good way to clean mold off fabric is to use bleach. A solution of bleach and water kills mold and fades away the mold stains on clothes. Using hot water kills mold better that cold water, and it removes mold spores and allergens.

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Before using bleach on a piece of clothing, ensure that the fabric does not have a “do not bleach” warning. Performing a spot test on the cloth is the best way to ensure that the fabric does not fade.

Begin by putting the fabric into the washing machine and adding laundry detergent before filling up the machine. The label on the bleach provides a guideline on the amount of bleach to add. Allow the machine to run as normal, and if the colors begin to fade at any stage, remove the fabric, and rinse it well.

Hanging the fabric on the line in the sun allows the heat and the ultraviolet light from the sun to kill any remaining mold. The sun’s natural bleaching effect also helps fade the mold stains.

Alternatively, soak the fabric in bleach to remove mold. The label on the bleach provides a guide as to the amount of bleach to use per gallon of water. Allow the clothes to soak in the solution for a few hours before washing them using laundry detergent.

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