What Are Some Good Videos on Pruning Fig Trees?


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The YouTube channel of Prune Like a Pro features several instruction videos on how to prune fig trees. The species covered include the Fruiting Fig (Ficus Carica) and the Weeping Fig (Ficus Nitida).

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Prune Like a Pro's instructional video on how to prune the Fruiting Fig (Ficus Carica) devotes attention to the proper care of these smaller, slower growing fig trees. In the video, it is recommended to keep the pruning to a minimum until the trees grow enough to develop laterals.

Prune Like a Pro's instructional video on the Weeping Figs (Ficus Nitida) warns viewers about common mistakes that gardeners make when dealing with these much larger "jungle giant" plants. It is shown that pruning these trees properly is a great challenge unless the garden owner has an exceptionally large space where the canopies and roots cannot do harm to the buildings on the land.

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