What Are Some Good Uses for Vintage Trunks?


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Coffee tables, side tables, ottomans and functional storage are all ways to repurpose vintage trunks. Flat-topped trunks are ideal as tables, while the round-topped variety work well for storing items such as toys, puzzles and board games. Both varieties offer hidden storage and add character to a living space.

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If the trunk is 12 to 18 inches high, it is suitable to repurpose into a coffee table. Owners need to protect leather or old wooden trunks with a piece of glass or a metal tray to avoid damage. For a simple storage solution, store extra bedding, pillows or anything that does not need to be easily accessible inside the trunk. If the trunk is too short, wood or metal feet add height.

Smaller trunks stacked on top of each other make a good side table when placed between armchairs. Because the trunks are not attached, owners need to secure lamps to the table with museum wax, and the trunks should be secured to the wall for extra stability.

A single small trunk makes a suitable ottoman when covered with a small cushion with hook-and-loop tape. Attached wheels makes the ottoman double as movable seating.

Functional storage of items such as toys and quilts is a good way to repurpose round-topped trunks. Leaving the lid open is a good way to display treasured items.

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