What Are Some Good Uses for Old-Fashioned Coffee Pots?


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Decorate a garden by grouping old-fashioned coffee pots in various shapes and sizes to hold a variety of plants. Clustered, the pots add an unusual vintage look that brings new life to a planting area. The shiny surface of the pots reflects light and provides interest. Use large coffee pots in place of a watering can in the garden. They are easy to grip, hold and pour, and add a creative twist to garden decor.

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You can also use small vintage pots as holders in the kitchen for utensils such as wooden spoons and whisks or place them in an art room as a convenient holder for brushes. In room decor, use pots to hold bunches of floral bouquets as a way to provide a clear contrast between the pot’s metal and the soft colors and green stems of flowers.

Group a mix of old-fashioned coffee pots on an outdoor garden shelf, and plant a variety of herbs with different textures and leaf shapes. The pots help to add an Old World vintage charm. Place pots on a shelf, grouped as a collection. They can help to draw the eye to a decorative focal point in a room. Use the inside of the pot as a holder for long tapered candles, or during the holidays, fill the pots with greenery and ornaments for a country Christmas look.

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