What Are Some Good Uses for Metal Shelving?


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Some good uses for metal shelving include organizing the kitchen or pantry, providing more storage in the laundry room or having a unique type of room divider. There are many types of metal shelves, from single units to tall shelving units with multiple levels.

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Homeowners use metal shelving to organize and arrange items in their kitchens. The shelves can become part of the kitchen decor if they are left as-is for a modern or industrial look, or they can be painted. Use a tall metal shelving unit in the kitchen with baskets to store various cooking accessories, tools and small appliances. Another way to use metal shelves in the kitchen is as a makeshift pantry with shelves that store canisters of different food ingredients to be kept at room temperature.

Tall metal shelving units can also be used to divide a large room. The shelves not only separate two parts of a room, but they serve as a storage option for both rooms. The open shelves can be used for books, smaller items inside baskets and bins, or in a dining area to display plates, serving dishes and glasses.

Use the metal shelves as storage in a laundry room or living room. In a living room, they can provide storage for a bar, act as a bookshelf or display eclectic figurines and other collectibles. Use them in a laundry room to store detergent and softener bottles.

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