What Are Some Good Uses for Dawn Dish Soap?

What Are Some Good Uses for Dawn Dish Soap?

In addition to its basic use in washing dishes, Dawn dish soap removes grease stains from laundry, eliminates grime from lawn furniture, cleans old carpet stains and serves as an inexpensive floor cleaner. Dawn is a mild detergent, making it a good replacement for many harsh chemical cleaners.

The same qualities that help Dawn to remove grease from dirty dishes help to loosen oil stains from laundry. Apply a few drops as soon as you discover a stain, rub it into the fabric and rinse with cold water before washing as usual. The same approach works for perspiration rings on collars.

Dawn also works on grimy lawn furniture. Squirt a bit of Dawn into a bowl of warm water, then use the solution and a rag to clean tables and chairs.

A teaspoon of Dawn in two cups of hot water makes a good carpet stain remover. Blot the solution onto the stain with a clean white towel. Blotting with a sponge and cold water rinses away any residue.

Dawn replaces many floor cleaners. Two tablespoons of the detergent in a bucket of water makes a effective degreasing solution for kitchen and bathroom floors. However, it is not appropriate for hardwood, as the water causes warping.