What Are Some Good Uses for Antique Green Glass?


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Some good uses for antique green glass includes candle holders, mini lamps, light fixtures, centerpieces and vases. Individuals can also repurpose antique green glass into planters, book ends and coat racks.

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Turn antique green glass insulators upside down to make candle or tea light holders. Because insulators are rounded at the bottom and don't sit flat, hang them with a wire or build a holder for them. To hang the insulator and candle like a lantern, wrap a long piece of floral wire around the middle of the insulator for a harness, and form the other end of the wire into a loop for the handle. Bring the end of the wire down, and twist it around the harness. For a holder, use an old bed spring, or twist a thick piece of wire into a spiral with a wide base and a narrower opening that fits the insulator.

Make a simple centerpiece by stringing white Christmas lights or placing electric tea lights along a plank of wood. Place the green glass insulators over the lights with the flat sides down and the rounded ends facing up. Place greenery, holly berries or fake foliage over and around the plank of wood and between the lights.

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