What Are Some Good Types of Vinyl Moulding?


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Some good types of vinyl molding used on the home include exterior trim, corner posts and baseboards used inside the home. This material is actually a type of polyvinyl chloride, which is a hard type of plastic polymer resistant to the elements, mold, chemicals and extreme temperatures.

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When vinyl molding is used inside the home, it is usually as a baseboard trim around the base of the interior walls that serves as a transition from the floor. This trim is flat, wide and hugs the wall. Some styles are slightly curved to create a more attractive transition area.

A much wider range of vinyl molding is used on the exterior of the home. The types of molding usually vary by shape. Vinyl siding is often trimmed along the sides to create a finished look and provide complete coverage of the home with J-channels, flat trim, drip cap vertical edging and frieze molding with its unique quarter moon shape.

Exterior corners and trim around doors and columns are covered with either inside or outside corner posts. The inside post is meant to slide into place where two exterior walls meet at an inside corner, such as a recessed alcove for the front entrance. Outside corner posts cover the outward facing corners where say the front and side wall of the home meet.

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