What Are Some Good Types of Linoleum Flooring?


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Good types of linoleum flooring include sheet linoleum, floating linoleum, Forbo linoleum, linoleum tile and solid-colored linoleum. Patterned linoleum, marble linoleum and flecked linoleum are other types. These types of linoleum differ in terms of features such as color, pattern and component nature.

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The sheet linoleum is available in various colors and patterns. The linoleum comes in rolls that are 78 inches wide. Because of the size, the installation of this type of linoleum requires a high skill level, hence it is advisable to hire a professional for installation. The floating linoleum, contrary to the sheet linoleum, is easy to install and does not require a professional. Installing this type of linoleum involves setting it over a floor frame, and securing it in place with click and lock edges, without having to use an adhesive.

The Forbo linoleum comes in various brands, including Artoleum Graphic, Piazza and Scala. Because Artoleum Graphic has the ability to hide dirt, many people like it more than the other brands. Forbo linoleum has a relatively high heat resistance and long lifespan.

The linoleum tile flooring contains organic elements, which make it suitable for use in medical facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes. It is also durable and water-resistant. The solid-colored linoleum comes in various colors that do not fade easily, hence this type last a long time without losing its original color.

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