What Are Some Good Types of Garden Planting Tables?


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Some good types of garden planting tables include bench-style, box-style and cupboard-style. Which style is best for a specific gardener depends on factors such as the size of the space where the table will stand, whether the work space is indoors or outdoors, and what kind of construction materials are appropriate for the work environment.

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A common style of garden planting table is the bench-style, usually made of wood to look like an outdoor bench but with longer legs. Because many are designed for use outside, generally they are made of cedar. Although features vary, most bench-style gardening and potting tables have two shelves for storing pots, potting soil and fertilizer. Common features include tops with spaced slats and simple drawers to catch soil as well as peg boards and hooks to organize tools.

While bench-style tables are usually made to stand at comfortably while working, box-style tables are built lower to the ground and may be easier to use when seated. Common designs divide a deep rectangular wooden box (usually cedar) in two, with one side used to storage soil and the other side for storing pots and tools. Each side is covered by a hinged lid which doubles as a worktop.

Another style of gardening table is built into a cupboard similar to a two-door armoire with internal shelves, drawers and a retracting worktop. The advantage of cupboard-style gardening tables is that they protect tools, pots and soil from the weather. Closing the doors also puts gardening clutter out of sight, giving the work space a neater appearance. These can also be constructed of cedar or pine.

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