What Are Some Good Types of Garage Floor Coatings?

What Are Some Good Types of Garage Floor Coatings?

Good coatings for garage floors include paints and sealers. Latex concrete floor paint is also an inexpensive option that is easy to install. Once the floor is clean, the owner rolls the paint on the floor and lets it dry, adding additional coats if necessary.

Epoxy paints are available in one-part and two-part kits. With the two-part kits, the installer mixes the hardener into the paint and applies it quickly to the floor. Epoxy coatings are longer wearing than normal paint but require extra care in preparing the floor. The installer must apply the paint quickly before it hardens. Epoxy requires up to a week to dry. While the epoxy dries, the owner cannot use the garage.

Acrylic sealer bonds well to concrete, but it requires reapplication every few years. Some owners use an acrylic sealer as a base coat for other types of floor coatings.

Urethane sealers are tougher than acrylics, but they do not bond as well to the floor. The clear finish is resistant to many chemicals. It does not yellow in the sunlight like some other finishes. However, urethane is an oil-based coating that requires the use of a respirator during application.

Coatings are a less expensive option than garage floor coverings. However, covers, such as tile or indoor/outdoor carpet, are better at hiding minor imperfections in the concrete.