What Are Some Good Types of Finish Mowers?


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Floating top with rear-discharge and triple decks are good types of finish mowers for large expanses of lawn. Bush Hog, Rhino and Woods manufacture several models of finish mowers suitable for golf courses, sod farming, parks and estate maintenance.

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Bush Hog makes two floating top, rear-discharge finish mowers, as of 2015. Available in 60-inch, 72-inch and 84-inch cutting width models, the RDTH has three blades with 1 1/2-inch overlap and rear discharge. Each model has blade tip speeds over 18,000 feet per minute and parallel uplift capable of cutting grass from 1 to 6 inches tall. Although Rhino’s FA series finish mowers come in similar cutting widths, the blade tip speeds are much slower at 14,000 to 15,000 feet per minute and have a 1-inch overlap.

Triple deck finish mowers have cutting widths of 11 feet or more making them ideal for manicuring large lawns. Woods’ TBW144 makes 12-foot wide cuts from 1 to 5 inches tall. Blade tip speed is 18,000 feet per minute, and the decks overlap 6 inches. The Turf Flex series by Rhino comes in 11-foot, 15-foot and 17-foot cutting-width models. Blade tip speeds exceed 18,000 feet per minute, which makes cleaner cuts. In addition, the 11-foot model can mow grass down to 3/4 inch tall.

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