What Are Some Good Types of Epoxy Paint for Ceramic Tile?


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Some good epoxy paint for ceramic tile include Rust-Oleum Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit, according to About.com. XIM Tile DOC Kit and Tile DOC Aerosol are also good.

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Some of these paints require the painter to do some work before applying them to the tile, though Tile DOC Aerosol can be simply sprayed on. However, it needs to be cleaned up with xylene and comes only in white. It takes three days to dry.

XIM Tile Doc is a two-part product that requires mixing and the use of a high-volume, low-pressure sprayer or a brush, but it lasts longer than the aerosol and can be tinted in different colors. The Rust-Oleum product is also a two-part kit, and it comes in neutral colors.

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