What Are Some Good Tips for Troubleshooting a GE Oven?


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To troubleshoot a GE oven, it is important to properly identify the specific problem. Common issues with GE ovens include the oven not properly heating up, the oven not turning on and the oven fan continually running. Instructions on repairing issues are available on the official GE appliances website.

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What Are Some Good Tips for Troubleshooting a GE Oven?
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Although troubleshooting instructions vary between models and ranges of GE ovens, there are some basic troubleshooting tips which apply across the board. If the oven is having issues heating up or turning on, users should check the ignition, bake element, broil element, power source and oven control board. It is possible that one of these parts is not functioning properly and needs replacement.

If the oven fan is continually running even when the oven is turned off, one needs to check the oven control board, convection motor and thermostat. It is likely that there is an issue with one of these elements and the element needs replacement.

Many GE oven issues are the result of a faulty element and discovering it can save the need for professional assistance. Replacement elements are available via the official GE appliances website, which also hosts videos demonstrating how to install the new element. If the oven remains faulty after the installation of a new element, consumers should call a professional for assistance.

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