What Are Some Good Tips for Pruning Weigela Bushes?


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A pruning tip for weigela bushes is to remove old thick branches after spring blooming. Cut woody growth down to the point where two branches meet for lateral growth.

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Weigela is a deciduous shrub that produces pink, white or red flowers. Buds for spring blooms appear the previous summer on woody branches that grow outwards. New branch growth starts right after pruning and continues until the plant goes dormant in winter. Although hedge clippers are suitable, hand trimmers produce fuller blooms. Once the plant reaches maturity, cut branches by one-third to control the size of bushes.

Without regular pruning, weigela shrubs become oversized with lackluster blooms. A pruning fix is to cut the shrub down to within 10 inches of the soil. This process is known as rejuvenation and produces young branches for buds to flourish. Blooms typically reappear after one year of new branch growth. Monitor the plant, and water well during the rebound period.

Before use, wipe down pruning blades using bleach or rubbing alcohol to prevent spreading disease to the plant. Enjoy flowers inside by cutting blooms or foliage prior to pruning. Put the weigela in an antique vase with tulips and white-scented narcissus for an elegant arrangement.

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