What Are Some Good Tips for Planting Ryegrass?


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Some good tips for planting ryegrass include seeding it during spring or fall, watering it often, and preparing the planting site. In warmer climates, plant it in the fall, and in colder climates, plant it in the midsummer. Timing its planting also depends on its purpose. If its meant to amend fall crops, plant it during early spring, but plant it during the fall to amend spring crops.

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Before seeding the planting site, loosen the soil by tilling it, and remove any rocks or large clods of dirt. Work compost, well-rotted manure and other amendments into the soil to increase its drainage and nutrient content. Next, remove or mow down any other existing growth. Finally, water the soil.

Sow 20 pounds of seed per acre. If using the ryegrass as an amendment to legumes, sow the legumes with the ryegrass seed. Water the newly sown ryegrass well, and it should germinate within a week.

Ryegrass planted in the fall requires very little winter care. Once the plants start to grow following the onset of spring, mow it to within 4 inches before the tops of the plants go to seed. Since annual ryegrass can reseed itself in warmer USDA zones and become a weed, use an herbicide if necessary.

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