What Are Some Good Tips for Planting Pansies?


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Some good tips for planting pansies include using well-drained soil, placing them in a spot with plenty of bright morning sunlight, and giving them plenty of space to grow. Once planted, the flowers need regular watering and pruning.

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Although pansies thrive in cooler weather, they can be started as seedlings indoors before the last frost of the season. Plant them either in the early spring or fall to take advantage of cooler weather, and avoid the hottest summer months. To grow pansies from seeds, plant them in small pots in well-drained soil, keeping them inside until the soil warms. Before transplanting the flowers to the outside location, amend the soil with organic material to enrich it and improve drainage. Select a spot that receives indirect sunlight.

Dig holes in the soil that are large enough to accommodate the plants' rootballs, keeping the holes at least 6 inches apart to allow for growth. The flowers can reach up to 12 inches wide and 9 inches tall. Water the plants often enough so that the soil remains moist, and add a general fertilizer every month during the growing period. Regularly snip off the flowers as they start to fade to encourage the plants to produce more flowers rather than becoming leggy.

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