What Are Some Good Tips for Painting Plywood Floors?


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To paint a plywood floor, first start by renting a pole sander and sanding any problem areas such as dings, dents and holes. Remember to wear safety goggles and a dust mask while sanding. If there are any large holes, use wood putty to fill them in. Wipe up any dust residue with a damp towel, and after the floor has dried, lay a coat of primer before the paint.

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An alternative to the additional step of putting a coat of primer on is to use a self-priming paint instead. When painting, start at the farthest point away from the door. Use a paintbrush for the primer and a roller for the paint. If using primer, let it dry before applying a coat of paint. Paint a pattern if desired for the second layer of paint. Some pattern ideas include flowers, geometric shapes or faux tile. After the pattern coat, allow the floor to dry for two days. This means that no one should walk on it. Painting a plywood floor is significantly cheaper than installing other flooring options such as carpet or tile. According to a project on BobVila.com, the total cost of painting plywood flooring in good condition was just $250, or 50 cents per square foot, as of August 2014.

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