What Are Some Good Tips for Painting Ceilings?


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Applying masking tape around the perimeter of a ceiling while painting prevents a sloppy edge between the walls and ceiling. Use a long-handled paint roller to easily reach all areas of the sealing. Holding the roller at an angle prevents paint from dripping onto your head and clothing.

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What Are Some Good Tips for Painting Ceilings?
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While a paint roller makes the process of painting a ceiling quick and easy, the tool has difficulty getting into corners. Avoid this problem by using a brush to paint a 3- to 4-inch area around all of the ceiling's corners before using the roller. Dabbing the newly painted area with a dry paint brush creates a feathered surface that prevents visible brush strokes.

When using the roller, start at one end of the room and gradually work toward the other end. Use the roller to apply paint in a single direction, and make all passes with the roller in parallel lines. This technique results in a clean, seamless look once the paint dries. If applying two coats of paint to the ceiling, repeat the same process, but apply the paint in rows perpendicular to those of the first coat.

Applying all of the paint in each coat in one session prevents the paint from drying prematurely. Dry paint between passes creates visible valleys and ridges in the coat, resulting in an unprofessional appearance.

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