What Are Some Good Tips for Measuring Pinch Pleated Drapes?


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To measure pinch pleated drapes, use metal measuring tape or a wooden yardstick to ensure accurate measurements, and determine the rod width before buying drapes. Measure the width of the window straight across. Measure the length from the rod position to where the curtain is intended to end, and add 4 inches to this measurement. Don't angle the measuring tape. Adjust the window width to obtain the ideal rod width depending on whether you have side-draw or center-draw drapes.

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For center-draw drapes, include the casings when measuring the window width. To allow the window to completely show when the drapes are open, multiply the window width by 0.15. This allows the drapes to pull open beyond the window. For drapes that overlap at the center, add 4 inches. Then add a final 8 inches to the window width.

For side-draw drapes, measure the window width, multiply by 0.15, add 5 inches to allow the drapes to pull open beyond the window, and add 8 inches more.

The rod width determines the drapery width and the number of hooks needed to hang the drapes. Rods 40 to 48 inches wide require 48- to 50-inch-wide drapes and up to 14 hooks. Rods 73 to 96 inches wide require 96- to 100-inch-wide drapes and up to 24 hooks. Consult a curtain-drapery equivalency chart before buying drapes.

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