What Are Some Good Tips for Home Organization?


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Using a laundry sorting station and removing excess footwear from the front entrance are useful tips for maintaining an organized home. Another tip is to clean old food out of the refrigerator every week and regularly organize refrigerator shelves.

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Putting clean laundry away is helpful for keeping a home organized. Designate a specific hamper for each type of soiled laundry item and place it in the correct container for dark, light, dry clean only and delicate articles at a laundry sorting station. It’s also important to sort through clothing accessories such as belts, scarves or hats to separate those not being used from those that are, and to dispose of worn out items or mismatched articles such as socks.

Each family member should store his extra shoes in his own bedroom closet and only keep one or two pairs of shoes in the home's entrance way. Organize shoes at the front entrance using a shoe rack or wooden magazine rack. Additionally, a home entrance with a stairway is ideal for organizing shoes by placing each set of shoes on a different stair.

To maintain organization in the kitchen, old or stale food should be disposed of from the refrigerator and pantry. Try to clean out the refrigerator on the same night of the week the trash is taken out. Additionally, for convenience, keep a stack of garbage bags under the bag that’s in current use so a new one is ready to use when needed. Organize remaining food on the refrigerator shelves by placing drinks, leftovers and ready to eat foods on the upper shelves and use the lower shelves for storing raw ingredients for cooking.

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