What Are Some Good Tips on Decorating With Photographs?


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To make a uniform grouping of photographs, choose black-and-white images, and frame the photographs in black frames with white mats. Hang the framed photographs in square groupings, such as four lines with four photographs in each line, or in rectangular patterns. For a more eclectic mix, hang photographs with the same theme, such as beach-themed photographs, in groups. Use the same type of frame for each photograph to maintain uniformity, or mix and match frames for an interesting display.

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When hanging photographs that aren't themed, tie the grouping together by using frames with similar finishes. When grouping photographs, begin by marking the center of the wall. Hang the photographs either above or below the center point to ensure the grouping is well-organized.

An asymmetrical grouping of mismatched photographs and frames is also an option. Simply choose appealing photographs, frame them, and hang them in clusters in the desired area.

To decorate with a single photo, choose an ornate frame, or make the photograph a centerpiece by grouping it with items that have similar colors or themes. To make a unique display, mount photographs on art boards, and connect the art boards with hinges. Arrange the display on a shelf. Photographs are also transferred to wooden blocks and fabric to decorate the home.

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